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How to reduce STRESS from life?

Are you feeling stressed..? Are you in tension..? Are you upset…?
I think this stress is becoming more popular than Facebook or Twitter.. lolzz… Today, more than any other diseases, people are suffering from Stress.
Are you one of them…? If yes, then this blog is for you.

First of all, Let’s understand what this stress actually is….?
In simple words, Stress, is a feeling that people have when they are overloaded with some thoughts or ambitions and struggling to cope with those demands. These demands can be related to finances, work, relationships, and other situations.

But the main question is, IS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO GET STRESSED…?
And the million dollar answer is.. ABSOLUTELY NO..
We are actually getting addicted to get stressed when things are not moving as per our wish. Just go in your past, and tell me, when you were of age 5, you must have started playing lots of new games. And when u have started, u were not perfect in that game, hence you were facing lots of troubles in learning that. Did you get stressed due to those troubles at that time….? No.. you were trying n trying and taking all the possible efforts to learn those things. And finally you succeeded. That means, we are not born with this defect of Stress and tension. God has gifted us with Positivity and courage to fight against all odds and get our aims. But we, stupid humans have developed a self destructive way to live our life and that is STRESS… which is not at all necessary.

Now, HOW TO STAY AWAY FROM STRESS….? Let’s talk on step by step solution with representative example.

Example: Mr. X is very stressed because he is not getting enough money from his job.

Step 1 : Identify the situations that can trigger your stress.
Ans – Here having less money is the situation that triggers stress.

2. Taking stress is the way to solve your problem ?
Ans – Mr. X is not sure about the answer.

3. Did stress helped you to achieve your goal..?
Ans – No

4. What is the effect you are having because of this stress ?
Ans – Demotivation at work, disturbed family life, negativity in attitude etc.

5. If taking stress results in negative outcome only, then think wisely whether it is necessary to get stressed?
Ans – No.

6. How to solve the problem then..?
Ans. If Mr. X is not getting enough money, then he should work on the ways to increase his income. For eg. Change the job and get a good hike, do part time business to earn extra money, Perform better in existing job and demand for a hike etc.

With these simple questions, you will understand that the stress was impacting your inner peace, intelligence and decision making power. You are getting weak and not able to find out the solutions just because you are too busy to stressed yourself and you have no time to find the solutions. When you actually stressed yourself, you always slowed down your own ways to achieve your goals because your energy is getting waste in taking unnecessary tensions.

So, my dear friends, think on it very carefully… and if you need our help to remove ‘STRESS’ from your life, then we are happy to do so.. please mail your concern here

Our motive is to contribute in well being of society..

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