Never Give Up..

Never give up

Have you ever think why do people give up on goals? Why have you given up on goals?

It certainly isn’t rocket science… People usually give-up when it gets too hard or take too long. We fail a few too many times and respond by giving-up… Unfortunately, if this is our response we are ensured defeat, because failure is going to happen… We are going to encounter obstacles and frankly we might be completely clueless about what we’re doing, at least in the beginning… As we progress we will learn, practice, and build commitment to our dreams…Obstacles won’t disappear, but you can prepare for them… You can prepare to conquer your obstacles…

When we adopt something new into our lives, like a hobby or a new skill, everything seems fresh and fascinating. ..We enthuse over it…. We believe that it is something that we want to keep doing, and something we want to master… We get overly excited to pursue it at the beginning, but as the positive emotions start to cool down, we stumble on a rockier path with mixed emotions that block our passage—often leading to a dead end… When you’re pursuing such worthwhile goal, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll think one or more of the following:
“This is harder than I thought it would be.”
“Why is this taking so long?”
“I’m getting nowhere with this.”
“I keep failing at this goal.”
“I can’t do this. What was I thinking?”
And when you do have one—or more—of these thoughts, it’s very likely that you’ll want to give up. If the reason we present isn’t powerful enough, our mind chooses to laze around instead of putting in the work.

So, whenever you feel like giving up, follow the below path…

Step 1 : Take a break
Stop pushing yourself and take a moment to regroup. Then find ways to let go of the tension you hold in your body. Do some deep breathing, relax in a warm bath while listening to soothing music, play your favourite game, go for a movie or go out for a jog. Do whatever works for you to clear your mind and body of the building stress…

Step 2 : Think calmly about yourself and the situation
To the best that you can, reflect on your situation without being self-critical. Remember, you didn’t consciously choose to be in this position. Just as you would with someone else, give yourself some understanding. Encourage yourself to be honest. It’s okay – even important – to acknowledge being at your limit. Doing this can free you to consider what you’ve learned about yourself. But be careful not to take the lessons too far. For instance, if you’ve taken the leap to start your own business or try a different career, you might realize that this new path isn’t for you, or is harder than you imagined. But telling yourself that you are “a failure” is unnecessarily and unfairly critical. You could not have known – until trying it – how well suited you would be to this new venture.

Step 3 : Redirect Yourself
Now it’s time to re-direct your own path. Do you still really want to pursue your current path? If you do, is there a realistic way to turn things around? This might mean getting a job coach to help with work difficulties or a therapist to help with relationship issues. Or, maybe it means doubling down on your efforts. Given that you are deciding to take on a big challenge, it is important to find support and encouragement. For instance, you might look to the person helping you improve, supportive friends and family, others who have travelled similar paths or counsellors.. you can ask our online counselling team as well.. our aim is to contribute in a well-being of society.. so it’s a FREE.. write your queries here..

Step 4 : Take action on your decision
If you confident to continue on your current path.. then remember; Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all…You are a masterpiece…You can do whatever you want…You can fulfil your impossible dreams. Just don’t give up on your dream… Your victory is closer than you think. Keep going & keep moving. You are at the end of the tunnel. All the pain you have been you will get double the success…

And in case you decide that you really don’t want to stay on your current path, think about what you have learned from your recent experience…Take these lessons seriously – they were hard won. Then, using what you’ve learned, turn your attention to what you want to do next… By looking forward to a new aspiration, and not running away from a perceived failure, you will feel motivated to continue on…

At any point during a pursuit, you may just want to give up – but don’t do it..!!! Instead, follow these 4 steps and wisely choose your path… Though it might take some time and efforts, but this process will help to revive your energy and morale… And you will keep moving forward… whatever direction that might be… Remember that anything worthwhile takes time and requires some serious energy, dedication, and sacrifice…
So, my dear friends, think on it very carefully… and if you need help of our online counselling, then we are happy to do so.. please mail your concern here
Our motive is to contribute in well being of society..

Never give up


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